They promised to get people out of timeshares quickly and easily. Now they’re being sued by Washington’s Attorney General.

They promised to get people out of timeshares quickly and easily. Now they’re being sued by Washington’s Attorney General.
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson shows Jesse advertisements from Timeshare Exit Team. Ferguson believes these ads broke the Consumer Protection Act. (Katie McDowell/KIRO 7)

It's a tempting promise: get out of your timeshare quickly and easily – for a fee. But when Jesse Jones investigated Bellevue-based Reed Hein & Associates in November of 2019, he heard from consumers who paid thousands only to wait years for resolution.

Now the company – also known as the Timeshare Exit Team – is being sued by the Washington State Attorney General. He says his office received complaints from at least 90 consumers.

See the latest in the video above, and read the statement from Timeshare Exit Team below:

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“Since 2011, Timeshare Exit Team has successfully helped more than 20,000 consumers exit their timeshares. These consumers reached out to Timeshare Exit Team for help because they were very unhappy with their timeshare purchase and faced numerous traps, loopholes and fees. We stepped in to help individuals like Betty Lusk and Gail Canham, whose heartbreaking stories have been shared in the media this past year, when timeshare developers refused to provide them with any relief.

While we have always respected the office of the Washington State Attorney General and believed their focus was on consumer protection, we are extremely disappointed to see they have aligned themselves with an industry who preys on the very consumers they pledge to represent. We strongly disagree with the allegations leveled in this complaint. For example, the claims about the illegality of the exits Reed Hein achieves and the ability of the typical timeshare owner to obtain an exit without Reed Hein by using the timeshare industry’s so-called “surrender programs” are flat-out factually incorrect. We have complied with the AG’s inquiry from day one and will continue to do so until it’s clear to all involved that these accusations are entirely baseless.

In the meantime, Timeshare Exit Team will continue to advocate on behalf of the many other individuals while battling against a massive, highly unregulated $10.2 billion timeshare industry. That’s why last year members of our team founded the Coalition to Reform Timeshare – to raise awareness of the shameful actions that are taking place in the timeshare industry, while working harder to fight for the rights of timeshare owners everywhere, through a Timeshare Bill of Rights, which has been endorsed by nearly 25,000 individuals on

If the Washington State Attorney General and other Attorneys General are serious about protecting consumers, we would strongly encourage them to follow the Coalition to Reform Timeshare’s lead and put a microscope on this industry that is so widely known for trapping and deceiving consumers.”