Jesse helps woman shut out by contractor

A woman paid almost $3,000 for a fence in October and the contractor didn’t show up to do the job.  What they didn’t know was that their 85-year-old customer takes no prisoners and called me to set things straight.

Mary Buckley sick and tired of waiting for the fence she paid for in October.

“I was ashamed to let anybody know that I let somebody take me for that kind of money. I couldn’t fight back because I don’t drive, I can’t hardly walk,” explained Buckley.

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A&A Fencing is the company Buckley hired.  She says she asked to pay just half up front but the company wanted all the money and told her it would install it in the spring.  But now spring is over, fall is approaching and Buckley still has no fence.  She disputed the charge with her credit card company and they’re looking into it.  I called the owner of A&A Fencing.  At first he told me he had no idea about Mary’s case.  Late her said he lost the invoice.

“It makes me angry and if I was 40 years old, I would have walked to Bonney Lake and I would have got him and I would have kicked his ass from here to kingdom come. But I’m not 40 anymore,” explained Buckley.

I decided Buckley shouldn’t have to wait on the bank and she doesn’t want A&A to finish the project so I found someone else to help with the project.  Ron Dagley from All Around Fence Company made Buckley an offer she couldn’t refuse – a new fence for free.

“I’ve met people in the last six months, strangers that have treated me better than relatives and friends,” said Buckley.

The owner of A&A Fencing told me he was sorry about the whole incident. He says this is the first time anything like this has happened to him in over 20 years.  He has a cashiers check for a full refund for Buckley.  Best advice – never give a full payment for a project before the work is done.

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