• Seafair Albert Lee Cup won by 26-year-old rookie


    SEATTLE, Wash. - Andrew Tate driving for the Sound Propeller/Les Schwab hydro won the Albert Lee Appliance Cup at Seafair Sunday.

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    It was his first big win, beating Jimmy Shane driving the royal blue HomeStreet Bank hydroplane.

    “The kid deserves everything,” Shane said of the 26-year-old. “He’s a hard charger.”

    The top finishers in the H1 race.
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    Tate also beat J. Michael Kelly, Brian Perkins, Jeff Bernard, Jimmy King, and veteran driver Jean Theoret, who was disqualified from the final and then return after the disqualifying penalty was reversed on appeal.

    Tate described the race as intense and “unbelievable,” especially after a rougher go late last month in the Tri-Cities.

    “I can’t thank everyone enough,” said Tate, excited to bring the championship trophy back to his hometown of Detroit. “I never saw so much blue in a rear view mirror in my life.”


    Kelly, who won the last two Albert Lee Cups at Seafair, was fifth. Brian Perkins, who drove the Albert Lee Appliance boat, was third

    Graham Trucking Seafair Cup

    The Graham Trucking Seafair Cup for the Formula 1 power boats was taken by Chris Fairchild after a wild start.

    F1 driver Will Hough was in the first lap of the final when his boat flipped. A rescue boat sped to save him, but Hough was already out when rescuers arrived, scooped him up and took him to shore.  

    It is not known if Hough was injured, but he gave the thumbs up signal as medics brought him to shore.

    In the Grand Prix West Final, Greg Hopp won driving for Gratitude Sailing.

    The King County Sheriff's Office said they encountered an increased number of drunken boaters during Seafair weekend. Click here to read more

    See video of the Seafair highlights, including the Blue Angels and hydroplane races on the KIRO 7 Seafair page.

    Results from races throughout Seafair Sunday


    H1 Unlimited Race Results

    Heat 1A (Saturday):

    • 1st: U-5 Graham Trucking 
    • 2nd: U-3 Miss DiJulio
    • 3rd: U-21 Miss Albert Lee Appliance
    • 4th: U099.9 Carstar/Miss Rock
    • 5th: U-1 Miss HomeStreet

    Heat 1B (Saturday):

    • 1st: U-9 Sound Propeller/Les Schwab Tires
    • 2nd: U-7 Graham Trucking II
    • 3rd: U-16 Oh Boy Oberto
    • 4th: U-11 J&D's Hydraulics/Peters & May

    Heat 2A (Sunday):

    • 1st: U-1 Miss HomeStreet
    • 2nd: U-9 Sound Propeller/Les Schwab Tires 
    • 3rd: U-99.9 Carstar/Miss Rock
    • 4th: U-21 Graham Trucking II
    • 5th U-21 Miss Albert Lee Appliance

    Heat 2B (Sunday):

    • 1st: U-5 Graham Trucking
    • 2nd: U-3 Miss DiJulio
    • 3rd: U-16 Oh Boy! Oberto
    • Did not finish: U-11 J&D's Hydraulics/Peters & May

    Heat 3A (Sunday):

    • 1st:  U-21 Albert Lee Appliance
    • 2nd: U-9 Sound Propeller/Les Schwab Tires
    • 3rd:  U-11 J&D's Hydraulics/Peters & May
    • 4th:  U-5 Graham Trucking
    • 5th:  U-16 Oh Boy! Oberto

    Heat 3B (Sunday):

    • 1st:  U-1 Miss HomeStreet
    • 2nd: U-7 Graham Trucking II
    • 3rd:  U-3 Miss DiJulio
    • Disqualified:  U-99.9: Carstar/Miss Rock

    Formula 1 Race Results

    The final heat was only one lap in when driver Will Hough flipped going to fast into a corner. He was able to get out of the boat on his own but was rescued by medics.  Watch the video below.

    Heat 1 (Saturday):

    • 1st: 69 - Mike Nass
    • 2nd: 62 - Chris Fairchild
    • 3rd: 95 - Mark Welch

    Heat 2 (Saturday):

    • 1st: 62 - Chris Fairchild
    • 2nd: 95 - Mark Welch
    • 3rd: 69 - Mike Nass

    Heat 3 (Sunday):

    • 1st: 88 - Tami Wolf
    • 2nd:  62 - Chris Fairchild
    • 3rd: 59 - Tyler Welch
    • 4th: Mark Welch 

    Graham Trucking Seafair Cup Winner:

    • 1st: 62 - Chris Fairchild
    • 2nd: 95 - Mark Welch
    • 3rd:  59 - Tyler Welch
    • 4th: 69 -  Mike Nass

    NOTE: This story has been updated to correct the third place winner in the Albert Lee Appliance Seafair Cup Final.

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