• Heartwarming reunion between baby & firefighters that delivered him

    By: Patranya Bhoolsuwan


    SAMMAMISH, Wash. - It was a special reunion for a group of firemen at Fire Station 83 in the city of Sammamish Monday morning.

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    It was the first time three firefighters who helped deliver a baby at the side of the road on June 7 were able to meet the little boy who came into the world unexpectedly, surprising everyone, including his parents.

    “It was amazing how fast the firefighters got there after I made the 911 call. It was something like 30 seconds,” Hema Sridhar said.

    Sridhar says she and her husband were driving from her home in Redmond to the hospital in Issaquah when the baby couldn’t wait. They stopped at a Chevron station and called for help. 

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    Firefighter Ryan O’Cain was just finishing up morning drills at a nearby fire station.

    “We have to expect the unexpected but we never thought this would be happening,” O’Cain said.

    He responded to the call with fellow firefighters Jordan Simmonds and Kyle Walior.

    The three put Sridhar in the trunk area of her Audi and delivered the baby in just minutes.

    “It was easy, two pushes. She was an amazing mother. We couldn’t ask for a better outcome,” O’Cain said.

    Sridhar showed up at the fire station Monday with lots of treats including cookies, cakes and fruits for the firefighters. 

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    She says her boy’s name is Sarang but she wants to find a way to add the three firefighters' names into his name.

    “It was just awesome,” Sridhar said. “It was perfect timing that they were there when we were there. In a scale of 1 to 10. I am thankful like 100!”

    The firefighters say they are also thankful that everything turned out the way it did.

    “This is something we have to cherish because we don’t get to see it that often,” O’Cain said.

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