FORECAST: Rain to showers Wednesday

by: Nick Allard Updated:

  • Rain
  • Breezy at times
  • Drier Thursday and Friday and hopefully into the weekend

The second wave of rainfall is moving through this afternoon and it's pretty darn wet!  The cold front will give us a couple of hours of some pretty good rain before tapering off this afternoon and evening. I expect it will stay breezy for the next few hours as well. So far most areas have had about 1/2" at least, with about the same possible for the rest of the day. Temps have already maxed out in the low to mid-50s and may actually fall with the heavy rain.  We could also see a convergence zone this evening in the typical Snohomish County spot.

Tomorrow the zone will more than likely be moving south early with decreasing showers and increasing sunbreaks. I do see the potential for more convergence tomorrow afternoon and evening.  From there it'll be dry with temps approaching 60° on Friday and Saturday, with a few showers falling on Saturday.

Note we haven’t hit 60 in Seattle so far this year.  It has been 15 years since we last went three full months to start a year without 60 degrees.  We’ll be close to getting that on Friday, the last day of the month.