• Major project near Colman Dock changes commute for thousands


    SEATTLE - A major project near Seattle’s Colman Dock changed the commute for thousands of people after crews changed the approach to the dock.


    Starting Thursday, some commuters will have a five-block detour before they can catch a ferry.


    To make way for replacing the Alaskan Way Viaduct with a tunnel, streets around Colman Dock were rerouted.


    The drivers most affected by the change are those heading to the ferry from the south.


    They’ll have to drive past the dock to Madison Street and do a U-turn into a new ferry holding area.


    The new route is a sharp contrast to the simple left turn people made before.


    Traffic now flows directly under the viaduct in a place that used to be parking.


    More than 200 parking spots were lost because of the project.


    Drivers said they are already seeing a parking crunch in Pioneer Square.


    The DOT is planning to help the parking problem by opening about 60 new spaces in the coming weeks.

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