• T.O. 'humbled' by his job search, ready to be a Seahawk


    SEATTLE - The Terrell Owens era has begun.

    One of the most popular and polarizing players in the NFL is now a Seattle Seahawk, and took the practice field for the first time Wednesday.

    Fans used to come to games just to see what Owens would do or say next, but he said he’s hoping just to contribute and help Seattle reach the playoffs. He said he’s ready to fit in, but that’s been heard before from the always entertaining T.O.

    “I know I’ve matured,” he said. “Whether other people do, that’s up to them. Like I said, I’ve always been motivated and driven by my family. I know what’s most important to me. The last two years have been life-changing for myself.”

    He said finding a job has been humbling. The media frenzy that began Wednesday will likely continue, waiting for Owens to stray from that statement. He’s been humble a few times in his previous five NFL stops, and it’s rarely ended well.

    “It’s all for me now about being a part of something instead of the center of something, and I understand that a lot of the media is here because of me,” he said.

    Some fans who cheered for him Wednesday said that if he’s catching touchdowns, the previous drama doesn’t matter.

    The Seahawks play their first preseason game Saturday in Seattle against the Tennessee Titans. It’s not clear yet how much, or even if, Owens will play.

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