• WSDOT: Official cause of Taylor Bridge Fire not yet known


    CLE ELUM, Washington - As the Taylor Bridge Fire continues to burn across thousands of acres in Central Washington, investigators are focusing on that bridge as they look into the cause of the fire.

    Investigators said Thursday morning the point of origin for the fire is the construction project on Taylor Bridge, where construction workers were repaving that portion of Highway 10.

    During a Wednesday night community meeting in Cle Elum, several people demanded to know exactly who started the fire, but the Washington State Department of Transportation said even people who were there don’t know that yet.

    WSDOT representative Don Whitehouse said the contractor working the bridge, Conway Construction, has fulfilled all the state’s requirements.

    “He is licensed, he is bonded and he is insured under all the terms of the state contracts, and he has notified his insurance company, and they’re working through the claims process, and also, they’re working with (the Department of Natural Resources) on this investigation,” Whitehouse said.

    WSDOT has advised anyone who suffered losses in the fire to document those losses, contact their own insurance companies and file a claim, and then contact Travelers Insurance, Conway’s insurer, at 206-464-5756.

    Addionally, the office of the Washington State Insurance Commissioner has offered some tips for wildfire victims.

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