• Worker accused of using taxpayers' money still works for state


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - A state employee accused of using taxpayers’ money for personal use is still on the job.


    According to KIRO Radio, Niva Pekham misused hundreds of dollars of tax money for personal use, but was not fired. Instead, she  was transferred to another department .


    Pekham worked for the State Department of Enterprise Services managing state-issued credit cards and travel cards and contracts worth $10 billion.


    Pekham was also supposed to help prevent fraudulent use of those cards, but instead used her state-issued travel card to buy gas, groceries and a trip to a nail salon in Olympia, officials said.  The purchases totaled $658.


    Authorities said Pekham was warned in June that she was violating the department’s policy, which she should have known because she helps write the policies.


    After the warning, public records show that Pekham continued to make purchases until she was transferred to another department, where she manages contracts worth $230 million for state-issued vehicles.

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