• Women attacked by robbers in Bellevue Walmart lot


    BELLEVUE, Wash. - Police said five people were involved in a strong-arm robbery and assault outside a Bellevue Walmart, some of which was caught on camera.

    Bellevue officers said that on Thursday, the five suspects arrived at the Walmart in the Kelsey Creek neighborhood in a van looking for victims to rob. 

    Two women waited in the van while the three men loitered in front of and just inside the store watching shoppers.

    Police said the first suspect grabbed a man in his 50s as he was about to enter the store, but the victim pushed him away and the suspect ran into the parking lot. 

    A few minutes later, two women shoppers in their late 50s and early 60s exited the store. 

    Descriptions and photos of the suspects can be seen here.

    A second suspect approached them in the parking lot, asked to use their phone and then tried to pull one woman’s necklace off her neck. He then tried to grab the other woman’s purse and necklace off her neck, causing her to fall to the ground.  That victim bit his hand. 

    An unknown male shopper then approached the scene and punched the second suspect.  The first and third suspect then appeared and attacked the shopper as he tried to help the victims.  The suspects then fled the scene.

    Some of that altercation can be seen in parking lot surveillance video starting about 1 minute into the video.

    When KIRO-7 showed the tape to Walmart shoppers Tuesday, they were stunned.  Amy Smith said, "that's just crazy." Abhi Patil said, "oh my God, it's quite unsafe.  We didn't expect this to happen in the area."

    Anyone with information or who can identify any of the suspects seen in photos or video is asked to contact detective Jenny Robertson at 425-452-6050. Police would also like the unknown male shopper who helped the victims to contact Bellevue police.

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