Woman who lost foot in Boston terror attack says she will dance again


BOSTON - Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who grew up in Issaquah, is still in a Boston hospital, but she has an amazing attitude about the terrible explosion that ripped her life apart.

"I remember everything," Haslet-Davis said from her hospital bed.

She was with her husband, Air Force Capt. Adam Davis, who was just back from Afghanistan.

"I remember the first bomb going off, and holding on to Adam, my husband, and thinking, 'Oh my gosh, there's never just one,'" Haslet-Davis said.

Haslet-Davis graduated in 1998 from Issaquah High School. The couple live in Boston now.

Last Monday was her day off from her job as a dance instructor. The couple were at the finish line to watch the end of the Boston Marathon.

"I started screaming, 'Oh no, oh no," and then the second bomb went off and it went off directly in front of us," Haslet-Davis said.

Both she and her husband were hit.

"I remember falling backwards, because of the impact, and falling into sort of a pretzel, and then up with Adam and waking up, and thinking I was going to be OK, because I didn't feel any pain," Haslet-Davis said.

In the mayhem, Davis used his belt to form a tourniquet to stop his wife's bleeding. But the blast destroyed nearly every bone and muscle in her left ankle and foot, and both had to be amputated.

Haslet-Davis, who is a dancer, insisted that the injury won't stop her from dancing again. In fact, she said she plans to run the Boston Marathon next year.