Woman who damaged 529 bridge in DUI crash is sentenced


EVERETT, Wash. - Tory Long, the woman who pled guilty to slamming into the 529 Bridge between Everett and Marysville last December, has learned her fate.

According to documents filed with Snohomish County Superior Court, Long admits she was drunk when she hit the bridge, damaging it so severely it was shut down for four days. Long also admits she tried to elude police after that crash.

 Prosecutors did not ask for the maximum sentence, which would be five years in prison. Instead, the county recommended Long spend 90 days behind bars for the DUI, and six months in work release for eluding police because "Ms. Long is agreeing that she will be responsible for restitution as part of her sentence.”

 The judge said Long needed to spend more than the minimum in jail.  She was sentenced to spend 8 months in the Snohomish County Jail, but if she can keep her job, she will be allowed to go on work release so she can begin paying the state back.

 The costs to repair the bridge totaled $115,000, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

 Long must make substantial payments. The court ordered a payment of $200 month that begins 90 days after her release from jail.  She has 5 years to pay.

 During the sentencing, Long cried an apologized before the judge, saying she has been sober for 11 months, but the judge seemed unmoved, saying she inconvenienced thousands of people.

 Long has an extensive criminal history.

 KIRO 7 Investigators learned Long has convictions for burglary and meth possession. She also has four convictions for driving without a license dating back to 1995. Snohomish County Sheriff's Deputies reported Long hasn't even had a license since at least 2006.

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