• Woman tries to steal car with kids still inside

    By: Lee Stoll


    Mill Creek, Wash. - Three Mill Creek kids were in a car waiting for their mom to get off work when a woman jumped in and tried to steal the vehicle. "It was really scary," said 17-year-old Karina Pellegrini. She was sitting in the passenger seat of the family van reading a book Monday afternoon. Her 11-year-old brother and 8-month-old sister were sitting in the back.

    According to court papers, 50-year-old Lisa Williams opened the driver's door and climbed behind the wheel. She tried to turn the keys to start the van and drive away. "There were a lot of thoughts racing through my head, like, 'Is this someone my mom knows? Is this a practical joke? Is she just confused, she thinks it's her car?'" said Pellegrini. Her brother jumped out the back door and ran to get the trio's mom, Kimberly. "He's had a fear of being kidnapped, and so we went over with him quite a few times what he would do in that situation," said Kimberly.

    Karina pulled her fist back and was ready to punch Williams. "I was like, 'No crap, ma'am,' and at that point, she looked at me and got out of the car," said Karina.

    Williams ran to a nearby bar and was arrested. Officers said she had obviously been drinking. She was in court Tuesday facing attempted car theft and attempted kidnapping charges. "We're very blessed, very blessed that it ended the way it did," said Kimberly.

     Williams' criminal history shows multiple DUIs and other driving offenses. Police said Williams told them she doesn't own a car and had no reason to get in one.



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