• Police say woman tried to kidnap baby at Pike Place Market

    By: Henry Rosoff


    Chelsey Helms, 37, is now charged and being held on $200,000 bail for trying to take a baby from a mother in a women’s bathroom of Pike Place Market, while the mother changed her baby boy. 

    The mother screamed and was able to wrestle her child back just as two men rushed in to help.

    It all happened Feb. 17 at about 2:45 p.m.

    See the probable cause documents in the case here.

    When Seattle police arrived, Helms claimed the mother was trying to molest her son while making “satanic” and “pornographic-type” sounds.

    Police said the child did not appear to be abused and arrested Helms.

    “That’s scary to me,” said Samantha Bieler, as she held her 2-year-old son, Gavin, at the Market Wednesday.

    “We just make sure to hold on to him at all times, even if he wants to get down and run around,” said Bieler.

    A man was convicted for trying to kidnap a 5-year-old at the Market in 2010. 

    He  got away with the child but was caught trying to escape.

    Helms has an extensive criminal history of mostly theft- and drug-related charges.

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