• Woman stabbed several times outside Burger King


    SHELTON, Wash. - A 61-year-old woman was attacked at random and stabbed nearly a dozen times after she left a Burger King in Shelton.


    The incident happened at 2:30 a.m. when Elaine Keck locked up the doors at the restaurant. She walked out to her car and looked around to be careful, but never saw her attacker coming.


    Keck told her story on the attack to KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Richard Thompson after she left the hospital Friday.


    “I thought I was being punched and kicked. Only it was a knife and then he jumped in the car and drove away. Maybe 10 seconds,” Keck said.


    The 18-year-old attacker took off in Keck’s vehicle, but crashed and was captured shortly after.


    “He made some comment about it being cold out as he got in my car. That’s the only thing I remember him saying and it doesn’t make any sense,” Keck said.


    Stab wounds were all over Keck’s body.


    “I have two stab wounds in my neck, two of which nicked the jugular,” said Keck. “One stab wound in my chest that just missed my heart. One that just missed my liver. One that just missed my kidneys.”


    Keck is thankful she survived the attack and that the man is behind bars.


    “It was just a random target, and if he can do that to me, he can do it to anybody and he should never be on the street again,” Keck said.


    Keck told KIRO 7 that she’d like to return to work, but she has to go to a lot of doctor appointments for her recovery. 

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