Woman severely injured after boyfriend pushes her into moving traffic


Washington State Patrol troopers are looking for a man who pushed his girlfriend into traffic in Skyway Monday night.

According to witnesses, the two were walking along 129th around 7 p.m. when the man shoved her into oncoming traffic.

The driver of one vehicle was able to avoid hitting the woman but a second vehicle struck her. The impact of the crash had thrown her clothes and belongings all over the road.

According to one witness, the two were dangerously close to the road when the man grabbed the woman by the shirt.

"I just missed them. I looked in my rearview mirror as I passed and saw him push her into the SUV," said Tom Hayes. 

A  silver SUV was right behind Hayes.  He says the woman came flying into the road so fast, the driver could not avoid her.  The people inside were too shaken to talk.  

Tom Hayes says he can understand why. " It kind of stunned me at first and I saw the suv look like it was going over bumps and went 'whoa he just did that.'"

  Hayes says the man actually stayed at the scene for a moment and tried to gather the woman's belongings. He even seemed concerned for her. But then Hayes says the man

appeared to become more concerned about himself. "Maybe 10 seconds later I looked around and he was gone. I saw him running up that way towards the car and he took off."

 The State Patrol says the victim appeared to be paralyzed and might not make it because she has trauma throughout her entire body.

The State Patrol says the badly injured woman is 44 years old.  She was able to give them the suspect's name but at this point that has not been enough to track him down.

They'd like to hear from anyone else who knows anything about what happened here. Anyone with information is asked to call Washington State Patrol.