• Woman sentenced for tossing newborn in trash can


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - A woman who tossed her newborn son in a trash can was sentenced Thursday.


    In 2011, Jasmin Ritchey went to an Olympia hospital complaining of stomach pain.


    Police said Ritchey delivered her baby boy in a bathroom and tossed him in a trash can.


    Ritchey cried in court during her sentence and publicly spoke for the first time to apologize.


    “People hurt by my actions, hopefully one day they can forgive me,” said Ritchey. “I’m truly appalled, disgusted, shamed and outright disappointed in myself as a human being and a mother for the actions that brought me to stand before you today.”


    Nurses at the hospital heard the baby grunting in the bathroom and rescued the newborn.


    “I cannot explain the many nightmares I’ve had from my horrifying actions,” said Ritchey. ‘How badly I’ve beat myself up and the soul haunting thoughts that continue to wreak havoc in my mind.”


    Ritchey’s parents were also in court and her grandfather, Robert Miller, told the judge that Ritchey was a good person.


    “She had a different heart, a Christian heart. She began studying and learning. She has a long way to go, but she’s going in the right direction,” said Miller.


    The prosecutor and defense attorney recommended a 93-month sentence, but the judge made it 108 months in prison.


    “'I’m sorry' doesn’t even begin to describe or is it worthy enough, with my deepest regret and sincerest apologies. I am truly and deeply sorry for the many people hurt by my actions. Hopefully one day they can forgive me,” Ritchey said. 


    In addition to being dumped in the trash the baby was also born addicted to drugs.


     Prosecutors said the boy, who is now 14 months old, appears to be doing well and is living with his father's family.

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