• Woman sentenced to 30 years in shocking child abuse case


    EVERETT, Wash. -  A Mukilteo woman was sentenced to serve decades prison for one of the worst cases of child abuse investigators said they had ever seen.


      The now-11-year-old victim sat in the courtroom Thursday as Mary Mazalic was sentenced to 30 years.


    Jurors said they thought the case was so horrendous they allowed the judge to impose more than the maximum jail time for the crime.


    The victim's abuse ended two years ago, when clerks in Mukilteo were so shocked by her thin appearance, they called police.              


      Prosecutors said Mazalic tortured the girl, who was Mazalic’s boyfriend's adopted sister, in the Mukilteo home where they all lived.


    The girl was adopted in New York but was later sent to live in Mukilteo by her adoptive mother, who continued to collect state payments for her care.


    Investigators said the girl was beaten with cords and wires, burned with cigarettes and weighed  51 pounds when she was removed from the home.


    The victim’s new foster mother spoke during the sentencing, calling what happened to the girl barbaric.


    “You belittled her, you humiliated her and you tortured her,” said Jenger Avellaneda. “Her scars on her body, they won't ever heal and she deserves justice."


    During the sentencing, the judge said Mazalic made the victim’s life a “living hell.”


    Mazalic's boyfriend has also been charged with abuse.


    His trial is set for next year

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