Woman in power saw attack on husband sentenced to more than 18 years



EVERETT, Wash. - An Everett woman found guilty of trying to decapitate her sleeping husband with a power saw then attacking him with other tools has been sentenced to prison.


Renee Bishop was sentenced to 18 years and 9 months in prison.


Bishop was convicted of attempted murder on Sept. 20 for the October 2011 attack.


Bret Bishop told police he was in bed when he awoke to find his wife holding a reciprocating saw over his head.


Responding officers said they found an unusual quantity of aluminum roasting pans, bleach and plastic bags in the home, as if someone was planning for a massive cleanup effort.


After her sentencing, Bishop called her prosecution a sham and continued to insist that an intruder was responsible for the attack on her husband.


During the sentencing, Renee Bishop’s attorney said she was not a bad person and questioned whether the attack was a serious attempt of murder, because her use of weapons, which included a heavy mallet, reciprocating saw and hatchet, were not effective.


In divorce documents filed by Bret Bishop, Renee Bishop claimed the couple’s children were not safe with her husband. 


A written note from Renee Bishop included the statement: "I realize my case is horrid and I may be facing a stretch of calendars, but I'm in it to win it. I am the advocate and their Mommie."