• Woman finds bag filled with explosives outside trailer


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Police are looking for a person who left an explosive device in a bag in Olympia.

    The bomb was found in a black duffel bag at the BMC Trailer Park.

    Police said a woman came home to the trailer and spotted a plain duffel bag. When she saw what was inside, she called police immediately.

    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Richard Thompson spoke with residents who feared the worst could happen when they heard about the incident.

    “(There could have been) a lot of dead people, (a) big crater in the ground. A lot of dead people,” said Sally Michelson.

    Police confirmed that there were explosives in the bag along with wires for a triggering mechanism.

    Investigators will not say what type of explosive the device was, but confirm it was capable of significant damage.

    “This is not simply a fireworks kind of situation,” said Laura Wohl of the Olympia Police Department.  “It could have harmed the trailer. It was next to a potentially ones to either side of it.”

    Olympia detectives are now looking to try and find the person responsible for leaving the bomb.

    “There are so many trailers right next to each other too,” said resident Terra McFarland said.

    Detectives said they have not been able to identify any suspects or a reason why the explosives would have been left. 

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