Woman caught on camera shoplifting cites cancer, memory loss



OLYMPIA, Wash. - A woman who was caught shoplifting and who claimed she was a cancer patient suffering from memory loss is seen loading items into a storage bin in her shopping cart in surveillance video obtained by KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.


The video showed the woman, Sacha Madorin-McGregor, in an Olympia Target store, loading items like DVDs and CDs into her cart.  The camera followed her from aisle to aisle as she keeps adding products to her cart -- 152 items before she was done. Then she headed for the front door without paying.


But store security officers, who had been watching, quickly moved in to detain her.


Once in the security office, she started hyperventilating, and firefighters came to help.  She said she has cancer, and that the condition causes memory loss.


Police said they don't know if she has cancer, but paramedics told them her hyperventilating was not real.


"(It) became clear she was doing it on purpose," said Laura Wohl of the Olympia Police Department


Madorin-McGregor was arrested on suspicion of theft.  Police said she has a lengthy criminal history and they don't buy her claims of memory loss.


"We believe she definitely knew what she was doing," Wohl said.


On Tuesday, Madorin-McGregor pleaded not guilty to theft with intent to resell.


When asked about the assertion that she knew exactly what she was doing, she said, "I will prove them wrong."