• Woman catches man on surveillance video taking package from porch


    SEATTLE - A woman in Wallingford caught a man on surveillance video taking a delivered package from her porch earlier in December.


    Extra police officers are patrolling the areas during the holiday season because thieves could be targeting shoppers.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Deborah Horne spoke with Kris Tsujikawa who described how a man walked onto her porch and took a $120 Lego garage village she bought for her 4-year-old son.


    “He was clean-cut. He was wearing an AC/DC hat, white sneakers," said Tsujikawa.


    Tsujikawa told KIRO 7 that she installed a surveillance camera on her porch.


    After an hour and a half since the package was delivered, the man showed up on Tsujikawa’s porch.


    Officer Zsolt Dornay of the Seattle Police Department told KIRO 7 that having surveillance video is valuable evidence.


    “At Christmas time, everybody’s getting packages so the number of that theft goes way up,” said Dornay. “People follow around a FedEx and UPS drivers. Then, as soon as the UPS driver, FedEx driver leaves, run up the porch, grab it, take it. Sometimes put it back on Ebay, Craigslist."


    Tsujikawa said Lego is sending them another garage village for free, but she is still upset that the man stole the first one.

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