• Woman bites, fights off attacker during sexual assault


    KIRKLAND, Wash. - A Kirkland woman said a man made unsolicited advances on her this week before forcing his way into her home and sexually assaulting her.

     Police said it was 3 p.m. when the man forced his way into the woman's condominium.

     Kirkland police said Troy Timmerman, who’s lived in the neighborhood for a few years, is the man responsible for the attack.

     The victim told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News she was getting out of her car Tuesday when Timmerman approached and tried to make arrangements to go out with her.   Though she declined, he persisted.

      She said the next day, Timmerman knocked on her front door, forced his way in "grabbed her tightly from behind in a bear hug" and touched her sexually in several places.

     Court documents said she told him to stop and to get off her as she began to fight him.  As they struggled, she bit Timmerman and was able to get away before a rape occurred, police said.

     Kirkland police arrested Timmerman shortly after when the victim saw him walking through the neighborhood.

     Timmerman is a level 1 registered sex offender with a misdemeanor conviction of communicating with a minor.   He spent a year-and-a-half in the Department of Corrections jurisdiction.

     Before that, he was convicted of felony second-degree robbery and spent a year-and-a-half in DOC jurisdiction.

     Though jailed, Timmerman has not been charged.

     He’ll appear in court on Monday.

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