• Woman arrested in Thurston County homicide


    THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. - Detectives have made an arrest in a Thurston County homicide, said officials with the Sheriff’s Office.

    On Tuesday, a 58-year-old man was found dead at a home at Sunset Beach Road Northwest. 

    According to authorities, on Tuesday afternoon, a counselor was contacted by 27-year-old Lia Y. Tricomo, who admitted to killing a man, but did not disclose the location or the victim’s identification.

    Deputies checked several locations before obtaining information that Tricomo may have been at the Sunset Beach Road Northwest address.

    According to authorities, Tricomo was involved in a relationship with the man. 

    Deputies said Tricomo formed a plan to kill the man. On Monday, following some sexual activity between the two, Tricomo staged a weapon. When the man was distracted, she cut his throat as many as six times. There were additional struggles into the night. 

    When the man passed out, Tricomo wrapped an extension cord around his neck, and then she went to sleep. 

    During the investigation, Tricomo went to Providence St. Peter Hospital and asked to be checked into the mental health ward and disclosed the killing to staff. 

    Tricomo admitted to killing the man during an interview with detectives. She was arrested for first-degree murder and booked into the Thurston County Jail. 

    On Wednesday afternoon, the Thurston County Coroner identified the victim as John P. Alkins. 

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