Woman arrested in connection with crime spree ending in Bremerton


BREMERTON, Wash. - A woman was arrested in connection with a multi-city crime spree that ended in Bremerton, according to the Bremerton Police Department.


Police said 40-year-old Dawnica Kropp is allegedly the leader in a series of thefts which include: cars, credit cards, mail, identities and more stretching from the Kitsap Peninsula to Snohomish County.


Investigators believe the crime spree started at the Bremerton YMCA with a car theft.


According to police, Kropp crossed the Narrows Bridge to Tacoma and joined with other accomplices. She allegedly went on a shopping spree at the Tacoma Mall with one of the stolen credit cards.


Detectives said Kropp was still on the move and used information she found about a vacant home in Mill Creek, in which she and her accomplices may have stayed. Police said she and her accomplices headed north where they burglarized a home, stole another car, jewelry, computers and $15,000 in cash.


According to investigators, Kropp and her accomplices took a ferry to Bainbridge and returned to their home base on the Kitsap Peninsula.


Police said Kropp and at least one other woman stole two purses and a car from a Gig Harbor YMCA.


“Through the YMCA and through the merchants of Tacoma Mall, and that’s what really helped me break the case,” said Gig Harbor Police Department detective Matt Dougal.


The spree ended when investigators tracked down Kropp at the Oyster Bay Inn where officers served Kropp a search warrant and found stolen items.


Chasaba Constable, the manager of the Oyster Bay Inn, told KIRO 7 that she looked into Kropp’s room and couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


“It just blows me away, heartless I guess is the word that comes to mind,” Constable said.


Police told KIRO 7 that Kropp and her accomplices may have lived in a vacant home between the thefts.


“It was a continuous circle, literally,” said Sgt. Kevin Crane with Bremerton Police Department. “They’d steal something here, go to Gig Harbor, steal it there, go to Bainbridge Island, steal something there, go to Mill Creek, steal something there. Just a continuous circling around.”


According to police, two men along with Kropp have been arrested, and investigators are looking for at least two other women in connection with the crime spree.


Investigators are currently tallying up the number of victims and stolen items.