• Woman allegedly shoots at home with elderly residents inside


    YELM, Wash. - Police arrested a 51-year-old woman Tuesday night after she allegedly opened fire at an adult care home in Yelm.

    Police said Cindy Guirell armed herself with a handgun and shotgun, and started firing at a home with nine residents inside from ages 55 to 96. 

    A frantic caregiver at the adult care home called 911 when Guirell started shooting. 

    The 911 call was released to KIRO 7 Eyewitness News:



    “She’s by the front door. We’re an adult family home. Right now, and she told me if I went around the corner she was going to shoot me. She has already fired like three times outside.” 

     “(Gunshot) Oh my God. She’s still shooting. Son of a b****. Oh my God, everybody get down. Oh my God.” 

    “It’s so close you can see the fire coming out of the gun. (Gunshot) She just shot again. She’s right outside, please hurry.”


    Dispatchers told the residents to stay down while the shooting from outside continued.

    When deputies arrived, they ordered Guirell to drop her weapons. 

    Investigators recovered spent shell cases outside and marks inside the house where at least one bullet hit a floor, wall and TV stand in a room filled with people. 

    No one was injured. 

    “It’s amazing that all those rounds fired, those 9mm rounds, you saw what they did to the wall. They got inside that house and did a lot of damage. The fact that nobody was hit is just a miracle,” said Lt. Greg Elwin of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office. 

    Witnesses told KIRO 7 reporter Richard Thompson that during the shooting, they heard Guirell shouting that there were people all around her. They thought she may have been delusional. 

    On Wednesday afternoon, Guirell’s attorney told the judge in court she did not have a history of mental illness. 

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