• Woman accused of pimping her teen girlfriend

    By: Jeff Dubois


    A Seattle woman is behind bars, accused of pimping-out her girlfriend, who's only 16 years old.

    Prosecutors charged 20-year-old Jacqueline Oliver with two counts of promoting sexual abuse of a minor after an undercover police sting at a Kent hotel.

    According to detectives, Oliver posted numerous ads on the website backpage.com.

    Kent Police detectives learned about the ads from a teenage girl currently in the King County Juvenile Detention Center in Seattle

    Investigators called the number on the ad and set up a sting at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Kent.

    The suspect's 16-year-old girlfriend and a 21-year-old woman showed up in skin-tight clothes and confessed they were there to have sex for money.

    Police then found Oliver in the car that had dropped the two young women off.

    According to charging papers, the 16-year-old girlfriend told detectives she gives the money she makes from sex to Oliver, who then rents hotel rooms for them to stay in.

    She said Oliver doesn't have a job and doesn't work as a prostitute. But she collects food stamps and money from the state.

    According to court documents, when a detective asked the 16-year-old if she thinks it's fair that she has to work as a prostitute to pay her girlfriend's bills, she said, "If she gets money I know she'll buy stuff for me."

    She and the 21-year-old have not been charged.

    Detectives are looking into whether there are any additional underage girls who have been coerced into prostitution by Jacqueline Oliver.

    Oliver is scheduled to be arraigned July 1.

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