• Witnesses to bus shooting return to same bus stop, won't let it alter lives

    By: John Knicely


    SEATTLE - Metro route 27 pulled up to Third and Union Tuesday morning and Mary Hollocher got off the bus. 

    Twenty-four hours earlier she got off the same bus route and passed a gunman as he was getting on.  That gunman, Martin Duckworth, was yelling “war, war” according to witnesses when he hit the bus driver, Deloy Dupuis.

     “Then he turned around and all I heard was pop from the first shot,” said Holocher.  She ran for cover.

     Jacob Flatt also ran for cover.  He was at the bus stop waiting for a different bus and saw Duckworth get off the bus and then back on.

     “And then he just pulled out the gun and unloaded 4,5,6 rounds right there and we all just started running,” said Flatt.

     Dupuis was shot in the arm and cheek and rushed to the hospital. 

    Police caught Duckworth trying to hijack another Metro bus a few blocks away.  When Duckworth raised the gun, officers shot him.  He later died at the hospital.

     A day later, Holocher and Flatt found themselves back at the bus stop they’ll never forget.

     “I have to carry on with my life, you know,” said Flatt.  But he says it will change the way he rides the bus. 

    “Yes, definitely, I worry about my girlfriend because she commutes all the time," said Flatt.

     When asked if she felt safe Holocher said, “I do and I know they're trying to figure out what to do to keep the buses safe.”

     Also returning to the scene on Tuesday morning was James Wilkins.  He shot cellphone video as he rushed in to help Dupuis. 

    Wilkins’ jacket is in evidence because he used it to wrap around Dupuis’ gunshot wounds.  He said it’s soaked in blood.  Wilkins talked about how brave Dupuis was ,calling him “the man.”

     “I just want to see how the guy's doing, you know?” said Wilkins.

     KIRO 7 is now working to reunite the two.

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