• Winlock school bus crash video obtained by KIRO 7 shows students flying off seats

    By: Richard Thompson


    WINLOCK, wash. - On April 9, a bus loaded with the Winlock/Toledo boys soccer team ran off the road and down a 75-foot embankment coming to a rest in a swamp.

    Video of the crash obtained by KIRO 7 shows a darkened school bus. Players can be heard talking on the video, then the talk turns to screams and gasps the bus goes down the embankment.

    The video clearly shows several students in the back of the bus flying off their seats and one hits his head on the ceiling.

    Once the bus comes to a stop the lights come on and shouts go out, "Everybody OK? Is everbody OK?"

    "Tommy is hurt," comes the response. Tommy had been in the back of the bus and suffered a minor concussion according to teammate Seth Richey.

    "To know a minor concussion was the only injury that was pretty relieving," said Richey.

    Moments after the crash, the bus driver can be heard blaming the situation on the failed brakes. D

    "The brakes didn't -- the brakes went for some reason," said driver Ronnie Withrow.

    State Patrol investigators tell KIRO 7 they inspected the bus brakes and found no problems. The driver was fined $175 for failing to stop at a stop sign and troopers tell KIRO-7 the crash was caused by inattention.

    Withrow resigned.  Student Seth Richey says the bus driver is a great guy and he's sorry he lost his job as a result of the situation. Richey says he's also thankful nobody was killed in the crash.

    "It was a bumpy ride down," said Richey.

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