• Windermere pulls out of Bremerton

    By: Chris Legeros


    BREMERTON, Wash. -  The Windermere Real Estate Office has closed its doors in Bremerton and will fold its operation into the Silverdale office.

    Owner and broker Carol Sue Rogers said the move was mostly because the building they were in is being sold. She also told the local newspaper that there were problems in their neighborhood of Sixth and Park. Her employees and customers had to put up with homeless panhandlers in her parking lot, drug deals and beer drinking.

    Bremerton's mayor and police chief said crime is actually down in the city.

    Millions of dollars have been spent in the last two decades to revitalize the downtown and attract new businesses.

    Mayor Patty Lent said the comments made by Carol Sue Rogers "damage" those efforts.

    Police Chief Steve Strachan said the area of Sixth and Park houses a lot of social service agencies like the Salvation Army.

    That explains why there is a large number of low-income people moving through the neighborhood.

    Crime statistics show there's only been five assaults in the past six months, along with three cases of fraud or theft, and one narcotics case.

    Strachan said he plans to add police bicycle patrols to cut crime in the area even more.

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