• Wildfire Near Leavenworth Burns

    By: Chris Legeros


    Leavenworth, Wash. - More than 500 acres of brush and timber have burned in the hills 5 miles northeast of Leavenworth. It's a wildfire that so far is not threatening the tourist town at the height of the tourist season.

    Three homeowners along Eagle Creek Road have been warned to evacuate. Sixty others have been told to get set to leave.

    Carl Niebuhr has decided to stay at his house. He said, "I guess if it's going to burn to the ground, I want to see it." He also said he's willing to help firefighters defend his place if they ask him.

    Kevin Powers has packed up belongings that can't be replaced and he's ready to go if necessary. He said, "if they tell me that I need to move, it's too dangerous, then I'll put the dog in the truck and grab a couple of last-minute items and we'll be out of here."

    The fire began Monday afternoon. No one knows what sparked it, but it started in a place where there was a lightning strike last week. Most of the smoke is drifting in an easterly direction towards Wenatchee.


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