• Where will pot be available for legal purchase in WA?


    SEATTLE - Just days away from the legalization of marijuana in Washington State, many people have a lot of questions.

    Where will people be able to get it, and can you get it legally?

    Dozens of marijuana sellers are advertising their products on Craigslist.

    A number of them, all medical marijuana dealers, said that they've received many calls from recreational users hoping to buy marijuana from them.

    However, medical marijuana providers can only sell pot to patients with a prescription, even after the law goes into effect Wednesday.

    "It doesn't make it legal to sell it," King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said, "and it didn't make it legal to grow it. So, I don't know if it's supposed to fall from the sky, or how people are supposed to get it."

    "To buy from a medical marijuana shop, you have to have an authorization or a card from a doctor that's prescribed for you to get medical marijuana," Brian Smith of the Washington State Liquor Control Board said.

    The state has a year to figure out the legalities surrounding the growth, distribution and sale of recreational marijuana.

    Pot smokers told reporter Amy Clancy on Twitter that until that happens, they will continue to get marijuana where they always have: from illegal sources.

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