• Where does extra money for pergola repairs go?

    By: John Knicely


    On Tuesday two self-described moms helped present Seattle Parks Foundation with $26,000 to repair the historic Pergola in Pioneer Square.  Rowdy fans climbed on top and damaged it after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl.  But the price tag to fix the pergola is dropping from the initial $25,000 estimate.

     The initial estimates to fix the 28 broken glass panes was about $800 each.  On Tuesday, a Seattle Parks spokesperson said once repairs started, the cost came out to $357 each.

     While the repairs continue, Seattle Parks received $26,000 in donations to cover the tab.

     Amanda Quinn and Shana Pennington-Baird came up with the idea for a gofundme.com donation campaign after they saw the destruction from fans.  They had heard the initial estimates from the city of $25,000 in damage.

     “Hitting the refresh button every 5 minutes and we were blown away by how many people around the world were donating,” said Pennington-Baird.

     On Tuesday, they presented checks alongside Jason Courter, President of Western Washington Honda Dealers who called with a $10,000 donation.

     “We screamed a little bit and hit stop (when we got the call),” said Pennington-Baird.  “And in that time we raised another $1000. We're giving it to the Seattle Parks Foundation.”

     Their effort received 570 donations with a few interesting notes. One donation came from Denver.  But most were from the 12th Man donating $12.  And the oversized check they presented had a 12th Man flag and check number 121212.

     Michael Shiosaki with the Seattle Parks Department said the repair cost estimate came from past experience.

     “We know kind of the pieces and parts that need to be replaced,” said Shiosaki.  “If it was drawings back in 1909 we'd probably have trouble, but we've restored it over the years so we have a good handle on the costs.”

     Shiosaki said money from the $26,000 in donations that isn’t needed for Pergola repairs will go into the Pioneer Square park budget.

     “Redo plantings or whatever needs to happen to improve parks here in Pioneer Square,” said Shiosaki.  “It'll stay here.”

     If the weather cooperates, the Pergola repairs are expected to be done in the next week.

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