• West Seattle ponders how to deal with coyote problem


    SEATTLE - The neighborhood of Seola Beach in West Seattle is facing a problem with a pack of coyotes.

    Many living in the neighborhood have seen the coyotes or evidence of their presence. A mostly-consumed deer carcass was found by the side of the main road.

    Residents are keeping a close eye on their pets and children with these creatures lurking in the area.

    Resident Zoe Ferguson-Steele says her mother is taking extra precautions with their two cats.

    "She doesn’t want the cats to go out, especially at night, because some of them have gotten lost, or eaten or something," Ferguson-Steele said.

    Coyote sightings are not unusual in urban areas. Last spring, coyotes were spotted in another West Seattle neighborhood.

    Though residents want them gone, many say they don’t want the coyotes to be killed.

    A federal wildlife agent is determining if the current West Seattle pack is aggressive toward pets or people. If so, officials say they'll have no choice but to trap and kill the animals.

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