• Water main break floods Kirkland homes


    KIRKLAND, Wash. - A handful of homes were damaged by a flood during a water main break Kirkland Thursday night.


    It happened near the corner of Northeast 90th Street and 116th Avenue Northeast.


    Overnight, a giant vacuum truck sucked mud and water out of a hole dug by crews so workers could repair the 8-inch main and restore water to about 16 nearby homes.


    Neighbors said when the water line broke there was a spectacular burst of water as if a geyser was coming up through the street.


    One homeowner showed inches of water surrounding the furniture in his basement.


    Another said he had to open his garage door and let the water in to relieve the pressure.


    The city had been repairing a leaky pipe from the main to a home Thursday morning and pulled a large tree root off the main.


    It appears the main broke when it moved slightly.


    City of Kirkland adjusters will be in the neighborhood later Friday to check out the damage and talk to the people whose homes were flooded.

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