• Washington state fugitive arrested in Texas

    By: Amy Clancy


    SEATTLE - A suspected rapist who ran from the law by leaving Washington state is behind bars.

    Last week, a KIRO 7 investigation revealed how the man was among 50,000 wanted fugitives who are escaping justice.  Read, watch the original story.

    Reporter Amy Clancy did not identify him because KIRO 7 didn’t want the fugitive to know that the U.S. Marshal Service not only knew who he was, but also knew exactly where he was.

    Monday, 39-year-old Dederick Deon Webb was arrested in Dallas, Texas.

    Webb is suspected of raping a Snohomish County man back in 2010, but fled the state before trial. 

     The money to cover the cost of his extradition didn't come through until now, a common frustration for Tom Lanier, Chief Inspector for the Sex Offender Investigations Bureau of the local U.S. Marshal Service. 

     “It’s hard knowing that you’ve gone out of your way to locate very dangerous criminals and someone above your pay grade has decided to leave them out there,” said Lanier.

    The recent KIRO 7 Investigation revealed how many counties in Washington state do not budget at all for extradition, so when often-violent offenders run, there's no money to bring them back to face justice.

    When Snohomish County learned it had one of the lowest extradition rates in the state, the county council immediately earmarked more than $20,000 for the effort.  Some of that money is being used to bring Webb back to Snohomish County. 

    The $20,000, however, will only pay to extradite about seven of the county's nearly 3,000 wanted fugitives.

    Still, Sheriff John Lovick says it's something. 

    “There should be no limit to what we should pay to bring a person who has committed some of these terrible, terrible crimes back to justice.  And we’re making a start.  We’re not going to get all of them, but we’re going to get the ones we can, and bring them back to justice,” Lovick told Clancy.

     Dederick Webb should be back in Washington state within a month.

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