• Wash. to hire a marijuana consultant


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Washington State is hiring a "marijuana consultant."

    The unusual job title is part of the plan to draft rules after voters legalized pot in December.

    The state has most of this year to implement legalized marijuana.

    On Monday, the state Liquor Control Board unveiled a timeline for implementing legalized marijuana. Among the first steps: hire a marijuana consultant.

    Liquor Control Board spokesman Brian Smith said that the consultant is needed to figure out how much pot is consumed in Washington State, so the state knows how much should be grown and sold.

    "We're trying to get that sweet spot where we can get that right amount that is produced in Washington State to meet the market demand," Smith said.

    The state is expected to post an ad for the position of marijuana consultant on Wednesday.

    The state's new timeline reveals it will begin accepting license applications from marijuana producers in early June, and from processors and retailers in September.

    Potential retailers look forward to everything being in place by December.

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