• Volunteers come together to thank rescuers


    ARLINGTON, Wash. - The Soup Ladies based in Black Diamond are back on the job.

    They've cooked meals for first responders after Hurricane Sandy in New York, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and went to Joplin, Mo., after the deadly tornado.

    "We don’t want to put on a sad face because we want them to know we love them and care about them. And there's a lot of sadness, we try and be pleasant," said Ginger Passareilli, who's also known as "Mama." 

    Since the Oso landslide, the group of ladies who are volunteers and state-certified emergency workers, have served 280 meals a day. 

    "We don’t just wash our hands and show up we been doing this a long time and we want to do everything right," said Passarelli.

    At the Oso Communty Chapel, volunteers are also stocking up on supplies not only for victims but for rescuers. 

    "They have needs. The volunteers are tired, it's an emotionally draining and physically draining job," said Nancy Voss. 

    The church passes out chocolate bars and energy drinks to volunteers. 

    "I took them around. I never took around something that got such great rewards in my life," Voss added. "I heard pepperoni sticks was a really great gift too." 

    Workers from Operation Blessing, based in Virginia Beach, also arrived in Oso. They set up laptops inside the Oso Community Chapel for victims and volunteers to use.

    Volunteers are also gathering pet food and dropping it off at the chapel for displaced animals and rescue dogs.

    "I can't even fathom what they're going through, but if they could be reunited with the pets they can find pets bring so much to our lives," said Lynn Havens, who drove to Oso from Shoreline with other volunteers. 

    Volunteers are still holding out hope not only for the victims but also for the rescuers. 

    "Don't give up. Don’t give up because there's people counting on you to just continue doing what you’re doing. And we're hoping for a miracle, and if we don’t get one at least we know people were there trying to create one," said Buck Fowler of American Legion Memorial Post 91 out of Burlington.

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