• 'Voice of the Seahawks' meets the 12th man at parade

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE - As the Seahawks celebrated in style on Wednesday so did the “Voice of the Seahawks," Steve Raible.

    He took pictures as he rode in a duck down Fourth Avenue. It gave Raible a chance to come  face to face with the 12th Man.

    It was emotional for longtime fan,  Shanna Palmer. “These are tears for Steve Raible because if anybody owes it to them, they owe it to that man because he never ever lost faith in the Seahawks, never. He’s been their angel,” said Palmer as she stood on the parade route.

    Raible was so overwhelmed by the massive crowds, he took a picture with his cellphone.

    “Just because people wouldn’t believe two days from now two weeks from now. People wouldn’t believe if I told them what an incredible site it was, from that position, to be driving through the streets of Seattle,” said KIRO-7 anchor, Steve Raible, when he got back from the celebration.

    Raible admitted he’s much more comfortable doing commentary for parades, than participating. But today was an incredible experience he will always remember.

    “It was pretty amazing, it really was,” added Raible.

    When the parade reached CenturyLink Field he stood with the team, instead of in the media booth.

    “To be down there in the middle of the field standing amidst the players. To see it from that angle gave you a sense of how great those fans are,” said Raible.

    While the Super Bowl win was a first for Seattle, Raible is confident it could happen again. “I can virtually guarantee it, another Super Bowl,” he said smiling.

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