• Violence Could Hijack Traditional May Day Message

    By: Essex Porter


    This May Day the demand for a $15 an hour minimum wage will merge with the traditional May Day March for immigrant rights.

    “Fighting for a $15 an hour minimum wage is really part of an immigrant rights struggle because we can't go forward with workers’ rights struggles if you're living under fear of being deported,” said Ginger Jentzen of the 15Now campaign.

     For 12 years the main May Day march has attracted thousands demonstrators.  Their message: Stop the deportations, create a path to citizenship.

    “In 12 years we've never had an incident of violence in our event, not one single incident,” said march organizer Juan Bocanegra

    But in recent years, separate, much smaller anarchist demonstrations have become more violent, pulling attention away from the larger event.

     “Well that's where we try to get the press to focus on the real issues,” Bocanegra said.

    “There is really no message in that particular group and there is no comparison.

    We’re talking about thousands of people, compared to a 100, at most maybe 150 people.”

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