• VIDEO TASTE TEST: Is Sammamish's drinking water really that good?

    By: Michael Fox


    People in Sammamish enjoy some of the best tasting water in the country.

    At least that's what the water experts at the American Water Works Association think.

    They voted the drinking water in this Seattle suburb top in the Pacific Northwest and the 2nd best tasting in North America.

    The delicious news has Sammamish-ites proud, and rightfully so.

    But is the water really better than other cities in the Pacific Northwest?

    SeattleInsider collected water from downtown Seattle, the Redmond Town Center and filled a jug from a drinking fountain at the Northeast Sammamish Water District headquarters.

    It was time to put this world-renowned water to the test.

    A collection of KIRO 7 staff put on blindfolds and gave their honest opinions of what they tasted.

    Click here to see what happened.

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