• Video shows daredevil scaling Seattle Great Wheel


    SEATTLE - Video has surfaced of a brazen daredevil scaling Seattle's Great Wheel before the attraction opened.


    The wheel’s general manager, Gerry Hall, said he had no idea there was a video of the stunt.


     Hall said it was obvious the men who climbed the wheel are very brazen, first trespassing and now posting the video online.


     KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Alexandra Limon showed the video to Hall that showed the man scaling to the top of the wheel.


     One person is holding a camera and another is seen climbing. The video shows a shot of a security guard, but Hall said the guard was on a pier across from the wheel.


     The video shows what looks like a harness around one of the climber’s legs, but Hall said that does not make it OK or safe to climb the wheel.


     “Not at all, first of all, it’s trespassing.  They're not looking out for their safety so it's now our job to look out for their safety and irresponsibility.  We have to take measures now so this doesn’t happen again,” said Hall.


    Hall said it was obvious the stunt was planned and hopes the video helps police catch the trespassers.


    Management wants to encourage people to come enjoy the wheel in safe way by riding inside it when it’s open.


    To ensure that happens, a fence has been erected.  There’s also going to be barbed wire, a video monitoring system and security guards.

    The video was posted on the Vimeo Website by someone calling himself "Written in Black."  The user's page also has a video of men sneaking onto a grain elevator above a ship.


    In that video, it appears that the same climber wandered unchallenged through a grain terminal and then climbed the superstructure over a cargo ship, the Joannis Zafirakis.  


    It took KIRO 7  staffers two hours, calling different ports, studying the scenery in the video, and tracking movements of the ship to determine that the location was the Temco Cargill terminal in Tacoma. The Zafirakis was in Tacoma on May 12.  


    When reporter Chris Legeros called the control room of the terminal Friday morning, an employee told him, "No way could this happen here. We've got security."  He sent Cargill a link to the video clip, but so far, there has been no response from the company.  


    KIRO 7 received an email from the Port of Tacoma saying,  "We take safety and security seriously, and we expect the companies that lease our facilities to do the same."

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