• Video shows brazen smash and grab burglary at Newcastle jewelry store

    By: Maria Guerrero


    NEWCASTLE, Wash. - New surveillance video shows four brazen thieves smashing their way into a long-standing Newcastle jewelry store.

     They stole several watches and caused thousands of dollars in damage.

     The break-in happened at 2:48 a.m. on August 13.

      No arrests have been made.  Police and the store owners hope someone will come forward with information on this robbery.

     With no regard to property or surveillance cameras and a video monitor showing their every move, thieves smashed their way into Newcastle Jewelers.

     Three men crawled in after smashing in the door with a rock and a steel bar while a fourth man stood watch.

     Once inside, they took several watches, including some with Seahawks designs. However, the store's expensive hand-made jewelry was locked in a safe.

     Still, Joan Underwood and her husband are out thousands of dollars; $5,000 just in an insurance deductible.

     This is the store's first robbery since it opened 20 years ago.

     "It's sickening. It's just sickening," said Joan Underwood remembering the damage done. “We work hard every day. We come to work. We're here all day long trying to make an honest living and then they just come in and in two minutes take so much from you."

    Even harder to stomach was the part in the video that shows one guy kicking over a stand with collectable crystals - just because.

    "Why? Why do you have to add to what you've already done to us," she wondered.

    Police hope someone recognizes the burglars or their clothing.  One man was wearing a sweatshirt with a number 3 on the sleeve.

     In less than two minutes, they left with the stolen items loaded in plastic trash bags.

     The Newcastle Police Department is working on leads in the investigation.

     One lead may be in a light-colored car that drove by the store about 30 minutes before the break-in.

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