VIDEO: Seahawks broadcaster Pete Gross and the Ring of Honor


Seahawks season is almost here! We’ll have the first preseason broadcast on KIRO 7 Aug. 23.

We’re pulling classic Seahawks clips from our archive – and we’ll be sharing them with you  here at .

Today we remember broadcast legend Pete Gross and the day he was inducted into the Ring of Honor.  

During the inaugural 1976 season, Gross joined Wayne Cody and Don Heinrich during six hours of broadcasting on KIRO 710 AM. IN his 17 years as the Seahawks play-by-play announcer, he missed only six games.

During a Monday Night Football game in 1992, Gross joined retired players Jim Zorn, Steve Largent and Dave Brown in the Seahawks’ Ring of Honor. During the midfield induction ceremony, he made special mention of his family as well as fellow KIRO broadcasters Steve Raible and Cody.

“This week is one of the greatest weeks in my life,” Gross said.

Fifty-two hours later, he died of complications from his four-year battle with cancer. Gross was 55.

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