Victim of alleged wage thief finds online revenge

by: Gary Horcher Updated:

When wanted fugitive Randall Goins was being hauled through Seatac airport by Bounty Hunters live on KIRO 7 Wednesday night, Goins may have wondered how they found him hiding out in Florida.

 One of Goins former employees told KIRO 7 that months after he disappeared from Snohomish County, she lured him out of hiding, using a sexy decoy on Facebook.

 “He owes me $3,500 in unpaid wages,” said Victoria Laird Cortes, who worked for one of Goins debt collection services. “There are so many people who he hasn’t paid. Even though he was gone, I knew he was still on Facebook, under his own name,” Cortes said. “I knew exactly how to get him.”

 The lure was an alluring fictitious decoy, named Tatiana La Coneja, which is Spanish for “The Rabbit.”  The decoy was invented by Cortes.

“I know exactly what he goes for,” said Cortes, who assembled composites of sexy, come-hither poses of women from Puerto Rico. “Tatiana” described herself as a model and an exotic dancer. “I sent him a friend request, and he accepted within two minutes,” Cortez said.

 Goins flirted with “Tatiana” for days, making offers to meet her, sending pictures of himself holding wads of cash. “There’s my money right there,” exclaimed Cortez.

 Cortes figured Goins set up another business in Florida, under another name. While in Snohomish County, dozens of his employees filed complaints with the state, claiming that he failed to pay them for working at his debt collection business. The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries ordered Goins to pay tens of thousands of dollars in back wages.

Cortes used the Facebook page to get control back, by offering to meet him at the Fort Lauderdale airport. When he took the bait, she says she tipped off bounty hunters to capture him.

 Goins will face charges of bail jumping and a lot more.   He also will see the real face of the person he flirted with.

 “That’s why I’m gonna be in court, Cortes said. “He will understand, he should never have messed with me.”

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