• Vandals do 15K of damage at Yelm park

    By: Richard Thompson


    Vandals caused $15,000 of damage at the Yelm City Park in a frenzy of destruction in the restrooms.

    "(It's absolutely senseles," said Yelm Police Chief Todd Stancil.

    Vandals broke into the restrooms at the park last week and destroyed eight toilets, two urinals and four sinks. After the fixtures were smashed, water also flooded the restrooms.

    "Anything that could be broken was broken in both the men's and women's restrooms," said Stancil.

    In addition to the bathroom, the vandals also destroyed several lights around the park and damaged more than a dozen electrical outlets.

    Visitors at the popular park are upset about the vandalism.

    "I think it's rude.  It's disrespectful," said resident Valerie McKenzie.

    People using the park were even more upset when they learned fixing the damage will cost the city about $15,000.

     "The park is for everybody and now we can't use those bathrooms, and plus that's money on us to replace all those things, our tax dollars," said Kylie Moore, who was at the park with her 19-month-old daughter Serenity.

    Stancil said he hopes anyone with information about the vandals calls the police department.

    Stancil also told KIRO 7 new surveillance cameras will soon be going up in the park to better monitor the area.

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