• Vandal targets espresso stand in bizarre attack

    By: Richard Thompson


    LACEY, Wash. - Surveillance video shows a man grabbing a garden hose outside Stir Crazy Espresso in Lacey and heading for the window. Barista Rachel Dombroski says the man started whipping the window with the hose. "Definitely bizarre," says Dombroski.

    The man continues hitting the window repeatedly with the hose while talking on a cellphone he was holding in his other hand. The man walks away from the window for a moment but then returns for an even more fierce attack. He can be seen swinging the hose so hard he almost falls over. Dombroski says "He was swinging it very hard. It was very violent." 

    One of the blows shatters the glass of the drive-through window, but the vandal makes no attempt to steal anything or get inside the building. He walks away again, returns and takes a final swing. Then he drops the hose and walks calmly down the road.. 

    Lacey police don't know who the man was speaking with on the phone or what his motive was for attacking the espresso stand. Detective Miguel Stansberry told KIRO-7 "We've spoken to the coffee stand owner. she doesn't have any idea who he is, he doesn't look familiar as far as being a customer or anything like that."

    Dombroski posted a photo of the vandal on the window and is hoping someone turns him in to Lacey police. "It's very scary. It's frightening to think there are people out in the neighborhood like this,that are that aggressive."

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