• Urine: A smelly problem in downtown Seattle


    SEATTLE - Bus riders in downtown Seattle are getting a whiff of something stinky: urine on the sidewalks.

    One of the worst spots is by the Macy's at 3rd and Pine.

    People waiting for the bus told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter David Ham that they have seen urine on the walls outside of Macy's. Some said that they find the stench unbearable.

    One regular rider was so disgusted, she called King County Public Health to see if something could be done about the problem. She was told there was nothing it could do.

    King County Public Health officials told Ham that it is not a public health issue, but more of a public nuisance.

    The smell is particularly bad in the mornings.

    "It probably happens sometime during the night," bus rider Nora Penaklenner said, "and then it's just there."

    Despite the complaints, the Downtown Seattle Association said crews do clean and wash sidewalks in the area, including in front of Macy's.

    James Sido of the Downtown Seattle Association said that more than 9,000 instances of human or animal waste were cleaned up in downtown Seattle last year.

    Ultimately, however, the building belongs to Macy's, and it's the company's responsibility to keep it clean.

    "It's quite a public health issue," said bus rider Jeremy Ward. "People sit on here and then people piss right on the walls. It's pretty gross."


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