• Upside-down flag causes controversy in Spokane


    SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane couple is causing a stir in their neighborhood because of how they're flying the American flag.

    It's upside down.

    The Carmans are unhappy with the state of the country post-election. They hung the flag upside down in protest.

    Over the weekend, someone stole the first flag they had up and left a note on their doorstep.

    The couple hung another upside-down flag on Monday.

    "If our neighbors are upset, I truly am sorry. But we do have the right to fly it. We're making our silent protest," Julie Carman said. "I mean, we're not picketing the court house or blowing up abortion clinics." 

    The Carmans said if thieves strike again that they will keep hanging a new flag until the first of the year.

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