Oso Landslide victim identified as former Marine

by: Gary Horcher Updated:


The brother of Oso slide victim Steve Hadaway told KIRO 7 over the last two months he’d heard “thousands of times” that his brother’s remains had “probably” been found.

On Memorial Day, all the speculation ended. “I mean what else can you ask for? He's finally coming home, and its Memorial Day Weekend," exclaimed John Hadaway, Steve Hadaway’s brother.

Decades before his disappearance made headlines, Steve Hadaway proudly served his country in the Marine Corps. His family told KIRO 7 he was the toughest man they knew. Even two days after he disappeared in the Oso slide while installing a satellite dish for a homeowner--his family was certain he'd appear again, alive.

On March 24, Hadaway’s daughter Brandy told KIRO 7 “I’m pretty sure he's just sitting there like stuck and he's going to be mad that it took them this long to come and help get him." 

Two months to the day after he vanished, Hadaway’s brother John got a call from a Snohomish County Sheriff deputy. The deputy told John they spotted a boot 100 yards from where Steve's crushed van was located.

“He knew it in his heart and in his gut that was my brother,” he said. “I could hear it in his voice."

On Memorial Day, John Hadaway says his family finally got Steve's body back, so they can celebrate the life of a veteran who cherished the sacrifice Memorial Day is about.

He said miraculously, his brother's body was found intact--even as they were losing hope of finding any trace of him.

“We were thinking worst case scenario the whole time, you know? And here he is complete. We even got his wedding ring!"

Steve Hadaway’s family is now planning a Celebration of Life memorial service, which will be held in his hometown of Darrington.

Molly Kristine “Kris” Regelbrugge,44,  is now the only person still missing in the slide.

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